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Petherbridge Bassra helps people who are being subjected to domestic violence or harassment. Applications to safeguard you and your family from harm by another person can be granted by the Court the same day to protect from an immediate threat.

Petherbridge Bassra's Family Law team offers a full range of legal services related to children. Whether you live apart from your children and want to establish regular contact with a child or if you your children live with you and you wish to seek orders to prevent the removal of a child either from your care or indeed from the country, we can make sure your wishes are represented.

We are able to assist parents who are being refused access to their children and seek to negotiate contact and where necessary seek an order of the Court. We are able to help and advise clients even in circumstances where severe allegations of domestic violence are made and represent the client through the process including finding of fact hearings, preparation of CAFCASS Reports and final hearings.

For those parents who fear that the non-resident parent is going to harm or take the children from their care we are able to obtain, on an emergency basis, orders of the Court to prevent the removal of the children, thereafter seek a Residence Order. That is an order of the court which confirms that the child's ordinary resident is with that parent. This of course does not prevent arrangements being made for Contact with the non-resident parent. Indeed it would be likely that within any application for residence contact with the non-resident parent would also be considered by the Court. It is a general tenant of the Court that the children's welfare is paramount and that every child is entitled to contact with the non-resident parent.

Although not an automatic right, we are also able to assist grandparents seeking contact with the child. This may be the situation where their own child is the non-resident parent and are being refused contact or indeed in a circumstance where there has been a family dispute and contact is being withheld. In such circumstances it would be appropriate for us first to apply to the Court for permission to make an application for contact but in the circumstances of a grandparent this is rarely refused.

Make sure your voice is heard by calling Petherbridge Bassra's Family Law team. If you are fearful of an ex-partner trying to take the children away from you, or you want to re-establish contact with your children there are many ways we can help.

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