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Family Law Information Resources

Domestic Violence News Update.
With cases of Domestic Violence peaking over the festive period, Erika Williman issues an update on some current cases that have been reported by the media.
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All I want for Christmas is... a DIVORCE.
Erika Williman, Divorce Consultant at Petherbridge Bassra, shares some of her insight with ‘Local Focal’ and ‘Here & Now’ readers into why the festive period can result in high levels of marital stress and advises people on taking things forward if they feel their relationship has come to an end and want to make a fresh start in 2014.
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Erika Williman outlines the implications of the newly-passed ‘Clare’s Law’,
giving women the right to find out if their partner has a history of violence.

This is a preventative measure and enables informed decision making to take place by a woman regarding her partner.
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The Rise of Social Media and Dating Websites: Causing Marital and Family Breakdown?
The increased use of Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, on-line Chat Rooms and also dating websites/adultery websites are being cited as the reason for marital breakdown...
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Can a Pensions Settlement be unravelled?
From the year 2000 Pension sharing between couples upon Divorce was permitted meaning that a pension provider could be ordered to pay a percentage of retirement income from the Pension scheme member’s former spouse...
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Happy Anniversary Darling?
Often Family Solicitors can be asked to ensure that Divorce Proceedings are issued with a view to them being sent by the Court to arrive to a stunned Wife or Husband on either a Wedding Anniversary, Birthday or Valentine’s Day...
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Pre-Nuptual Agreements
Pre-nuptual agreements are becoming increasingly popular. We have extensive experience of drafting these and advising as to how best financial assets can be protected...
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Residence & Court
We are committed to putting the needs of children first and as a result we will ensure that any other issues that have arisen as a result of family breakdown...
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Parental Responsibility
Parental responsibility (PR) "encompasses all the rights and duties which a parent has regarding a child..."
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Children – A Few Practical Points
The law is very much child centred in its approach to relationship breakdown. Here are a few practical points to help you...
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Counselling & Psychotherapy
Many clients who seek legal advice, mediation or enter the collaborative process will have already been to seek assistance via counselling and psychotherapy...
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Grandparents Rights
Grandparents are often overlooked in a relationship breakdown as the need for children to have an on-going relationship...
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Contact Orders
Being prevented from having contact when an Order is in place is frustrating and devastating, it is, in our experience, important to act quickly...
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Civil Partnerships
Unfortunately since Civil Partnerships were legally recognised there has in particular over the last two years been an increase in the relationship breakdown...
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Divorce Information
A divorce formally ends the marriage contract between you, as set out in your Marriage Certificate. This Marriage Certificate is replaced at the conclusion of the divorce...
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Tips For Fathers
Certain key dates in the year such as Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays etc can be especially difficult for fathers if you are not having contact...
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