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Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defence, like any other employer, has a responsibility to protect their employees from injury or illness at work wherever possible.

With some exceptions, they are very largely subject to the regulations that protect employees, contractors and visitors and must therefore be sure to provide a safe workplace, well maintained and suitable equipment and sufficient training, instruction and protective wear as required.

If a failure to take reasonable safety measures results in an accident, injury or illness, the injured party may be entitled to make a military injury compensation claim. In general, a claim made by a member of the armed forces in respect of a personal injury sustained during the course of their work will be made against the Ministry of Defence.

It is a common misconception that a claim can only be brought after a person has left the armed forces. This is not the case. If however an injury is sustained during engagement with an enemy in the course of combat a civil claim is unlikely to be successful as the principle of combat immunity may arise.

In those cases, it might be possible to pursue a claim under the no fault Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Under the scheme, applicants do not have to show that someone else was at fault.

If you’ve been injured, contact Stuart Lowrey today in complete confidence to find out if Petherbridge Bassra might be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Military Accommodation

We have become increasingly aware of widespread problems in some military accommodation abroad. In particular, the Heidmarkt Estate in Bad Fallinbostel, Germany.

Problems would appear to stem from lack of ventilation in the properties leading to various health issues including, respiratory problems, flu or hay fever like symptoms. Runny or blocked noses. Children seem to be particularly badly affected.

Should you be affected by way of these issues and would like to discuss them please contact Stuart Lowrey on 01274 724 114 or e-mail stuart@petherbridgebassra.com.

Live Firing - Hearing Loss

We are aware that many personnel are suffering from hearing loss or Tinnitus as a result of live firing, particularly assault rifles, this is almost certainly a condition known as Acute Acoustic Trauma.

Acute acoustic trauma (ATT) is the consequence of short term noise exposure to impulse noise.

Recent research in the field of Acute Acoustic Trauma has provided a greater insight in to the circumstance of hearing and tinnitus in military personnel. A detailed study carried out by the Finnish Defence Force has revealed that in spite of strict safety regulations concerning fire arms shooting, hundreds of individuals still suffered acute acoustical trauma every year resulting in symptoms such as tinnitus and/or hearing impairments. The most common causative weapon was the assault rifle. Most incidents of acute acoustical trauma occurred during combat training in the field.

If you are affected by any of the above issues and feel you would benefit from legal advice, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Lowrey on 01274 727 190 or email stuart@petherbridgebassra.com.

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